AHS teachers advocate for opportunity to see game at Dodger Stadium

Teachers at Alhambra High School have requested that Friday's school day is shortened so students can show their support for their fellow Moors at the CIF championship baseball game. The game is the first time in 85 years the team has reached this level. AHS will play Bonita High School tomorrow at 1:30 pm at Dodger Stadium. Alhambra Unified administrators rejected the request, even though BHS, according to its website, has arranged for a minimum day schedule and shuttle buses to allow for students to attend the game.

"If BHS was able to arrange for their students to attend the game, why can’t AHS?" AHS math teacher Paul Stein asked.   

AUSD superintendant Dona Pérez responded in an e-mail that "Ed. Code states school districts must give parents a 30 day notice of a minimum day so child care can be arranged.” Other reasons such as possible Title IX violations were also cited as barriers to approve for a minimum day schedule tomorrow.

For Stein, this rationale was not sufficient. "Sometimes school pride should take precedence over state-mandated regulations, especially for such a historic event," he said. “We spend all kinds of time and money to talk about ways of building unity and community pride and here is a golden opportunity right in front us yet red tape and beurocracy are stopping us." 

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