Acclaimed chef reviews Alhambra's Kang Kang Food Court

David Chang, acclaimed chef and one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People," reviewed Alhambra's Kang Kang Food Court during his visit to the San Gabriel Valley. 

Chang found the variety at Kang Kang to be vast, reporting that many dishes from various regions in and around China are available. Chang wrote that his favorite dish was a Taiwanese chicken roll. Although he felt the restaurant was inexpensive, he spent over $100 sampling everything until he was full. 

Chang chimed:

"Whenever I go to LA, I should probably try to get a weekend apartment in San Gabriel Valley just to eat Chinese food. That would be my weekend home. White people can get a beach house. I would get a Chinese-eating house."

Kang Kang Food Court, also called Kang Kang Shau May, serves over 200 dim sum options and 60 different fresh Chinese cuisines, according to their Yelp listing. The restaurant evolved from their original 1999 iteration—when they were just serving Chinese fast food—to serving food from all over China in a family style restaurant.

Read Chang's full review on Lucky Peach.

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  1. A few weeks ago in the L.A. Weekly there was a story about “the Ten Best Asian Restaurants – IN LOS ANGELES!I don’t remember the actual count, but the majority in the ten best were in Alhambra, Monterey Park, and I think one on San Gabriel. This might be an interesting story for The Alhambra Source.

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