Abuse of SGV frozen yogurt employee animated

The highly disturbing story of the owner of the Monterey Park frozen yogurt shop who allegedly knocked a female employee unconscious, stripped her naked, forced her to wear an adult diaper, and locked her in a box, has gone viral. It was only a matter of time before it reached Taiwanese news animators. Prosecutors believe that Robert Yachen Lee, owner of O My Yogurt on Atlantic Boulevard, had planned the kidnapping because the room was soundproofed. The LA Times reported earlier this week that The victim awoke finding herself taped and with a collar, and escaped to the optometrist next door. Lee's bail was set at $10 million at Alhambra Superior Court. Taiwanese animators from from NMA.TV brought a version of the gruesome tale to life — triggering some almost equally disturbing comments on their international YouTube site.

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