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About The Alhambra Project

The Alhambra Source is an outgrowth of the Alhambra Project, a research initiative at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. Alhambra was chosen in 2008 as a research site because of its limited media coverage and ethnically and linguistically diverse population. The goal is to create a multilingual local news site that responds to community information needs. Focus groups, surveys and media monitoring have been conducted to evaluate the impact of the Alhambra Source on local communication and civic engagement.

Selected Local and International Media Coverage of Alhambra Source

Domestic and International Coverage of the Alhambra Source

  • An Alhambra Source story about a group of Alhambra High School students who wrote up a gun control resolution and later presented it to Rep. Judy Chu made it into INN’s Best of Nonprofit News 2018 under the Gun Violence & Criminal Justice category. (INN, 12.10.18)
  • Televised interview with Alhambra Source researcher and community contributor (LA 18 Midday talk show, 7.21.15, in Chinese)
  • “The Melting-Pot Gazette” (Pacific Standard Magazine, 5.13.13)
  • “Beyond Los Angeles” (German press: Taz.de, 1.19.13)
  • “Internet instead of L.A. Times” (Austrian press: Die Presse, 2.23.13)
  • “Hyperlocal Forums Like ‘Nextdoor’ Aim to Give Local News a Makeover, Foster Neighborliness” (GOOD, 2.22.13)
  • With hyperlocal forums on the rise, will they replace or complement local news? (Online Journalism Review, 2.22.13)
  • Can hyperlocal news increase civic engagement? (New Zealand Press: Future News, 1.26.13)
  • How a youth Reporter Corps could help reinvigorate local journalism (Online Journalism Review, 10.28.12)
  • Five lessons learned: Improving civic engagement through a local news site (Online Journalism Review, 9.7.12)
  • “How to interview, report on immigrants when you don’t speak their language” (Poynter, 11.21.11)
  • “Shaping 21st Century Journalism Schools” (New America Foundation, 10.27.11)
  • Reporting Pushes Past Language and Ethnic Divides (Nieman Reports, Summer 2011)
  • “5 Innovative Journalism School Partnerships” (10,000 Words/Media Bistro, 3.25.11)
  • “Q&A With Youth Reporters from Alhambra Source: How Reporting Can Impact Place” (MIT CoLab Radio, 1.4.11)
  • “J-Schools Shift from Learning Labs to Major Media Players” (Media Shift, 12.9.10)
  • “A city set up a multi-language news site” (Chinese press: Sing Tao Daily and China Press, 10.7.10)
  • “Alhambra Gets a Local News Website” (LAist, 10.7.10)
  • “Alhambra debuts hyperlocal news website” (Southern California Public Radio, 10.6.10)
  • “The Alhambra Source Offers News In Three Languages — English, Mandarin and Spanish” (L.A. Weekly, 9.8.2010)
  • “Three Cheers for Hyperlocal!” (Hometown Pasadena, 9.4.2010)

Domestic and International Coverage of Police Weibo Initiative

  • California police department will sign up for Sina Weibo – Chinese ‘twitter’ (Washington Post, 12/10/2013)
  • Alhambra Police launches official Weibo account” 阿罕布拉市宣布启用官方微博 (ChineseDailyUSA.com, 2013/12/10)
  • “American police opens Weibo; Weibo users jokingly asks if Obama knows” 美国一警察局开中文微博 微博网友趣问“奥巴马知道吗”(Xinhua, 12/15/2013)
  • “US police all a-twitter about Weibo” (China Daily, 1/10/2014)
  • “Alhambra Police work social media beat to reach Chinese speakers” (LA Times, 7/11/2014)
  • “Record number of followers for first American police department Weibo; Alhambra considers WeChat” 美国阿市警局首个中文微博粉丝超万 欲开微信 (ChinaNews.com, 7/14/2014)
  • “Police get smarter about social media.” (Next City, 8/5/2014)
  • “American Police Department serving its people with Chinese social media” 美国警察局利用中文社交媒体为民服务 (Voice of America, 8/7/2014)
  • “Alhambra Police Department and their Weibo Story.” 阿市警察局:一个美国警察局的微博故事 (Sina.com, 9/1/2014)
  • “Alhambra police use WeChat as a bridge to Chinese immigrants” (KPCC, 1/20/2015)
  • “Alhambra Police Weibo attracts attention from Chinese community” 阿市警局中文微博 華裔關注 (World Journal, 6/16/2015)
  • “The City of San Gabriel wants you to follow it on Weibo” (LA Times, 8/20/2015)
  • Interview request by Associate Press, 8/20/2015