A UFO sighting in Alhambra?

According to UFO Stalker, a "worldwide alien tracking system," an unidentified flying object hovered over Alhambra on Friday evening.

The anonymous resident was leaving his or her home near Main and North El Molino streets and decided to take some pictures of the dark morning sky. But what the poster thought was a shooting star may have been something more.

"I saw a shooting star going away from the big dipper. Bit bigger than a star but smaller and less bright than Venus," the Alhambra resident said. "When it stopped pulsated and changed its path back to the big dipper where it stayed around the dipper handle. Then it started moving away in its previous direction. Not fast, slowly from my point fo view, I could imagine the velocity required to cover that distance would be incredible. As it moved away from the handle I lost it, and the camera is all black."

There have been two other UFO sightings in Alhambra, according to UFO Stalker. Have you ever seen an unusual object in the sky or spotted a UFO flying over the San Gabriel Valley?

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  1. Yes I have during the early evening in rosemead ca. and I’m sure other people saw it as well ,my friend called me from his job and told me to go outside look in the sky I was with my cousin we went outside looked and what I sawnwas something like the shape of a triangle with 3 or 4 burning red burning bright red circles the just floated huge nothing I’d ever seen before I told my cousin to get the camera he did but he didn’t get much footage battery was low but it was there in the sky for a while and then in a blink of in eye it vanished and then appeared in a different part of the sky almost like it teleported craziest experience ever. True story when we went back in the house after it disappeared the second time the radio had already been on and the host on power 106 even mentioned they people were calling in about what they had seen soat least I know imnot crazy my cousin can confirmed as well as buddy who saw from his job which was at least 5 miles away from where i was

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