A look at Monterey Park's ethnic history

Monterey Park's ethnic history made headlines in KCET's LA Letters column this month. The Nov. 1 article took an in-depth look at the city's demographics and culture, tracking its shift from having a majority white population to being the first city in America with an Asian majority.

Monterey Park was called the "Mexican Beverly Hills" in the 1950s, when upwardly mobile Mexicans in East Los Angeles moved to the area, according to KCET. The city has also been advertised as the "Chinese Beverly Hills" in Asia. But there are other ethnic groups with historic roots in Monterey Park, including Japanese, Armenian, and Jewish residents.

"The intersections of different cultures within the city make it a quintessential laboratory of the American urban future," writes Mike Sonksen of KCET.

Read the full article from KCET.

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