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A handful of sightings added to our new 2016 coyote map [updated]

Every month, the Source can expect to get a couple of reports from residents who’ve spotted coyotes in their neighborhood. As such, we’ve been a little surprised that things have been relatively quiet. We did get a handful of reports since the start of 2016, however.
The reports span from Alhambra, to Monterey Park, to Rosemead. Resident Oscar Amaro said he found a coyote standing right on his front lawn. 
“He was not afraid, but I shooed him away being that my daughter, who was holding our grandchild at that moment, was standing less than 10 feet away from it,” Amaro wrote to us.
A reader who identified himself as “JC” recounted an all too familiar story; his pet had fallen victim to a coyote attack.
“I found one of my cats dead in my fenced back yard with violent wounds as prey does,” wrote JC.
Here is a map that displays the five sightings that were shared with the Source, as well as one from late 2015. We will be adding more sightings to this map as the year rolls along.

Animal experts say that while coyotes tend to shy away from humans, they are sometimes attracted to smaller animals. “They'll see a pet as either a threat or food,” said Ken Pellman, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Department of Agricultural Commissioner. He said the simplest and most effective way of protecting pets is to keep them indoors. Residents may also install fences that are at least six feet tall to secure their yards.
If you see a coyote and sense immediate danger, you should call 911, according to the City of Alhambra website. You can also report a coyote to the California Department of Fish and Game at (909) 484-0167 or the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care at (562) 940-6898.

6 thoughts on “A handful of sightings added to our new 2016 coyote map [updated]”

  1. Seen two coyotes on Stoneman Ave., north of Valley at 4:30 this morning, they were just walking down the street and were not afraid of me.

  2. My boyfriend just chased away two coyotes tonight, around 9:30 pm, on Westboro Avenue, south of Commonwealth.

  3. My neighbors and I have been seeing a small coyote roaming around our street. We are on south stoneman Ave between Valley and Norwood. I’ve also seen a dead pigeon carcass.

  4. I am pet-sitting a small dog (Datschund/King Cavalier mix) in Pasadena and was approached by a coyote this evening near Claremont and Mar Vista Streets. I had a stick,vwhich I banged on the ground, but not only did the coyote not run away, but he began to advance slowly. I picked up the dog and walked backwards towards home, and the coyote followed us at a distance of 100 yards all the way home.

  5. Alhambra Source, where to send the report?
    4/9/16 early morning hour, saw a coyote on the intersection of Midwickhill Dr & Hathaway Ave went uphill (Hagen Dr).

  6. Richard M Nieto

    Early mornings while walking my dog of the Emery Park area, I spotted two coyotes walking on Commonwealth corner of Winchester (where I live); during the summer a neighbor told me she saw a coyote grabbing a small toy dog also on the corner of Commonwealth and Winchester (coyote released the dog when a passing motorist blew his car horn), and last week as I was walking my dog again on Commonwealth, a motorist passing by kept honking his car horn and yelling at me to warn me of a coyote approaching us as we walked. I immediately picked up my small Pekineses dog, and the coyote kept on walking, turn up on Winchester Avenue.How about hawk sightings occasionally I observed three hawks on telephone lines as if looking for food; once one swept down in my backyard, grabbed a bird and started to fly off with the bird, but I yelled enough that it dropped the bird.

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