A frog found in an Alhambra Costco salad (at least it's organic)

Liya Ma got an unexpected fright on Halloween: a tree frog in a box of organic spring mix salad she bought from Costco in Alhambra.

"I saw two little eyes looking at me. I screamed and I dropped it," Ma told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Costco's vice president of food safety, Craig Wilson, appeared as shocked as Ma when he heard the news. "I am stunned that this happened," Wilson told the Tribune. "It's the kind of thing we don't want to tolerate."

The salad Ma bought was packaged by Babe Farms of Santa Maria, which processes 20,000 pounds of salad daily, according to Huffington Post. Judy Lundberg, the president of Babe Farms, took the news of the frog easier. In fact, she said, it confirms that it's healthy and ready to eat.

"[The salad] is strictly organic, so there's no sprays and pesticides," said Lundberg. Still, frogs in salads, even if they're organic, is not what the company wants. Lundberg said the salad is washed and the Babe Farms is investigating.

2 thoughts on “A frog found in an Alhambra Costco salad (at least it's organic)”

  1. Finding a live, small tree frog in your salad is much more preferable than eating pesticide-laden greens.

  2. Oh heck no!!! Ewwwwwww…..!!!!!!

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