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A flurry of Alhambra robberies, despite a drop in crimes

Crimes in Alhambra decreased more than 30 percent compared the same period last year, the Alhambra Police Department is reporting. A table with the statistics is below or a Google document with them can be found here. In particular, robbery is down 46 percent, burglary is down 38 percent, and grand theft auto is down by 54 percent. Despite that, recently there has been a flurry of robberies, mostly occurring when individuals are arriving home in their cars.

Alhambra reported crimes and traffic accidents: 3/20/11 – 4/2/11

From Sharon Williams of the Alhambra Police Department's Community Oriented Policing Section:

"The 'Crime of the Month' for March involved street robberies in residential neighborhoods throughout Alhambra, though most of these crimes occurred north of the IS-10 freeway.  We believe this to be the work of one male, Hispanic, 5-10 to 6-0, about 200lbs, and his “get-away” driver.  That is the best description we have.  He hit approximately six times in Alhambra and may be responsible for a few other robberies just outside our city limits.  This suspect works when it is dark outside.  He will approach a person who has just arrived home and exiting his or her vehicle.  He will brandish a gun and demands his victim give him their money, purse or wallet.  Please be extra careful and alert when coming home – especially at night.  Take the time to check-out the environment by turning on your bright headlights and scanning the sidewalks for anybody hanging around.  Pay careful attention to dark places, and hiding spots.  If you seen anyone strange, don’t exit your vehicle until it is safe to do so.  If you are worried about your safety, attract attention to yourself by honking the horn or activating your car alarm, if you have one.  He is willing to use force to get what he wants.  If you are confronted it is best to give him the property he demands; to risk injury otherwise is just not worth it!"

March Crime in Alhambra | Source: Alhambra Police Department

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