A fleeting So Cal autumn/ winter

[email protected] are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

The photos: A week before the Santa Ana winds ravage the Southland, Alhambra's leaves were an explosion of color. A bit later than the rest of the country perhaps, but still breathtaking. This week Alhambra is lined with twigs, branches and leaves. So it’s a bit eerie, but here’s a look at that brief mixture of autumn and winter in Alhambra. Light and leaves along Seventh Street. | By Nasrin Aboulhosn

The photographers: These autumn images could have been taken by anyone who was outside during the month of November. Nasrin Aboulhosn snapped a few images on her iPhone and I used a Nikon film camera. Yes, we may have looked like strange people peering at trees, but it was all worth it. This autumn retrospective was originally proposed by our own Albert Lu, who was  a bit preoccupied with trees on the ground.

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