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A first responder to Alhambra police officer's deadly crash tells his story, investigation reveals both vehicles had lights on

Steve Ruiz, an employee at Home Depot, was picking up his brother on the early hours of Sunday morning when he witnessed the deadly accident which killed Alhambra Officer Ryan Stringer and injured Officer Juan Carlos Mejia, reports the Pasadena Star-News.

He says he was the first on the scene, that Stringer was wearing a seatbelt and his airbag had inflated, and that he tried to help him out of the car.

"I tried opening the door, I tried getting him out through the window … finally other people showed up and we tried opening the door," Ruiz told the Star-News. "I asked him if he could hear me to squeeze my hand, but he was lifeless that's when I got angry, I felt so useless."

The World Journal (世界日报) also followed up with the ongoing investigation of the deadly collision. Below is a translation of part of the article:

Investigators say the Alhambra police officers involved in the collision had the lights of their patrol cars on.

California Highway Patrol Spokesman Luis Mendoza said they were still investigating how fast the cars were going, if the officers were using sirens and if they had their seatbelts fastened.

Photos of the scene showed Officer Ryan Stringer’s air bags deployed, 26,  while Officer Juan Carlos Mejia, 27, was ejected from his car.

Stringer was killed due to head trauma. Mejia is stabilized at Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Mendoza says it was a high-speed T-bone collision, which inflation of air bags had little effect on. Both patrol cars entered the cross road at the same time.

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