A family of Oaxacan gardeners, inundated with work after the storm

The storm meant extra work for gardener Ignacio Cano and his relatives, but not so much in the way of extra pay.

On Thursday morning the San Gabriel resident woke to a headache from a night of restless sleep due to the windstorm. Then he started to make the rounds of the homes he cares for in Alhambra, San Marino, and South Pasadena.

Ignacio Cano, right, takes a lunch break with relatives and colleagues.For the past 10 years Cano has worked with family members from his native Macuiltianguis, a town of under 1000 residents in Oaxaca state where most residents still speak an indigenous Zapotec language. Together the Cano men maintain the yards of 20 homes in three teams. They start at 7a.m., and put in about eight hours of hard physical labor. But in the aftermath of the storm there was more work than they could handle: a collapsed garage, downed trees on yards, and thousands of stray branches. Some clients tipped extra, but for others if was part of the expected maintenance.

Despite the added work, he savored the fact that at lunch the three teams of Cano men still got to pause together, and enjoy a lunch break under the cover of trees at Story Park.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Our awesome guy is coming today, and today’s pay day.

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