626 Night Market plans return to Pasadena

The first 626 Night Market, a local take on the popular nighttime events in many Asian countries, proved too popular for its own good.

"The rants about two hour searches for parking and the pictures of the near immobile crowd of people crammed into a single Pasadena block flooding my Facebook and Twitter feed were enough for me to call my relatives and cancel my plans," Elizabeth Chou wrote in 626 Night Market: stop fuming and start planning. She argued that despite the frustrations with the initial event, it "tapped into a thirst for a reinvention of traditional cultural event for a new generation of Asian Americans." 

Apparently, the organizers agreed: they are reintroducing the market on Saturday July 28th. This time, they wrote in a press release, there will be "bigger space, more parking" oh, and "lots of food."  The free event will be held in Pasadena's Centennial Square in front of City Hall, which they hope will be better suited to the crowds.

This time they're promising an area four times larger, public and private parking lots, cooperation with public transit authorities and online parking. As for food, that also will be expanded, organizers say, with 200 vendors and "a pan-Asian selection of popular foods with an emphasis on Asian street style eats."

If July 28 seems like a long time to wait, or Pasadena a ways to drive, there are a few other 626 night events coming up: Alhambra Art Walk on Friday, Taste of Alhambra on Sunday, and the newly reintroduced Monterey Park Farmer's Market on June 8.

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