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300 marijuana plants found in Monterey Park home; Rosemead attempted kidnap victim escapes uninjured, suspect at large

West San Gabriel Valley news from Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Monterey Park, South Pasadena, and Pasadena:

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6 thoughts on “300 marijuana plants found in Monterey Park home; Rosemead attempted kidnap victim escapes uninjured, suspect at large”

  1. It is personal decision to drink or smoke pot. Keeping it illegal only feeds the cartels and fills our prison with low end offenders. Forward thinking states such as Washington and Colorado have legalized it after weighing the pros and cons. I suspect many other states will follow and we can stop spending enormous resources and money enforcing a law that only causes more problems. If you choose not to indulge, that is fine with me. Just don’t push your beliefs on the many people who enjoy it in a responsible manner. Liquor sales are regulated and laws are there to protect us from drunks operating vehicles etc. These can be applied to marijuana as well.You should worry more about the drunk driving deaths and violent crimes committed by people high on alcohol. Read the crime stats for Alhambra in any month and you will see there is a big cluster in the downtown area of Alhambra caused by the drunks exiting the clubs at closing time.

    1. Carlos, prostitution is a personal choice too. Should we legalize it also as long as the many people who enjoy it do so in a responsible manner? There’s a huge difference between personal choice and legalization.

      Id rather have “low-end” offenders in jail than have more low lives in our streets and schools. Rare is the case where a cop pulls a person for pot only; there’s usually other paraphernalia involved – I speak for my friends who work in law enforcement and my own experiences from people.

      We can have laws apply to marijuana, but having a plethora of more legal drugs is not the answer for our communities.

      Vote all you want for legalization. My family and I will not.

  2. Tom, chill brother. Alhambra already has many “potheads” as you call them and I am not losing any sleep over it. I do worry about all the drunks on Main street driving home after a night at one of our cities many bars. Smoking pot will be legal in California sooner or later so get over it.

    1. Carlos, sooner or later I hope you realize that marijuana will do nothing for you except feed your bad habits.

      Pot impairs ones motor skills and response times; that’s why you will still be fired for using this drug in certain occupations.

      You think we spent decades teaching kids not to smoke for nothing? Pot legalization forces us to repeat history all over again.

      Your comparison with pot and alcohol is like comparing two different knives or guns. Different uses, different purposes, different ramifications, etc.

      Legalization means more regulation, which won’t even prove we will be better off than we are know. How about the black market? Think the cartels will just sit quietly and let the “free market” run the business they have been doing for decades? So then what? We will deal with it later?

      Alhambra has a lot of bright young people. We don’t need any more potheads than we have to.

  3. No Flummoxed, we don’t need to get used to it. A city doesn’t need a bunch of potheads.

    And yes, marijuana is still a drug if you haven’t known already.

  4. Better get used to it. No one is buying the “Weed is evil b-a-a-a-d drug!!” —–but liquor is somehow safe and not harmful nonsense anymore.

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