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17-year-old pedestrian struck by car has died *Updated/Corrected

*Updated 7.19.11 9.15 am

Bo Feng, a 2011 graduate of Gabrielino High, has died as result of an accident Friday, according to Alhambra Police. The 17-year-old girl was hit by a 73-year-old driver on New and Shorb, according to San Gabriel Police. Alhambra Police said the driver identified herself and this was not a hit-and-run.

*Corrected/ Updated 7.18.11 3.25 pm

A post earlier today said that Bo Feng, a 2011 graduate of Gabrielino High, was hit by a car on Friday and passed away this weekend. The report of her death was premature. It was based on reports from friends of the young woman and scores of Facebook posts from other friends. We are still waiting for confirmation of her condition from Alhambra Police and hospital officials. Alhambra Source regrets the error.

Friends and acquaintances are sharing well wishes for the young woman on a Facebook page.

*Updated 7.17.11

A young female pedestrian was struck on Friday by a motor vehicle at the intersection of Shorb Street and New Ave, according to the San Gabriel Police Department. She was transported to USC medical center and was in critical condition.

According to police, she was a 17-year-old Asian girl and was struck by a 73-year-old driver on New and Shorb. San Gabriel Police took the initial lead on the investigation, which took place during the funeral of Officer Ryan Stringer, but it is now being covered by the Alhambra police. Anyone with information regarding the incident can contact San Gabriel Police at (626) 570-5130.

Alhambra ranked 16 and San Gabriel 7 out of 104 cities in the state for pedestrian accidents in 2009, the most recent data available.

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17 thoughts on “17-year-old pedestrian struck by car has died *Updated/Corrected”

  1. I go to GHS too. I saw a lot of projects dedicated to Bo. From what people say, I’ll bet she was a really nice person. I wish I couldve met her!:( I also wish there was a law that keeps people that are too old from driving! No matter what they say, old people can’t drive as well anymore! That’s just the truth!

  2. I attended Bo’s funeral yesterday afternoon(Aug. 2nd), and it was truly heart-wrenching… She is one of the most happy teens I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m truly saddened by the event, and it still seems surreal that she’s gone. :

    Bo, we miss you. Please watch over us.

  3. Thank you very much for updating the information. 


  4. I'm sure people were panicking when they heard the news. I was one of them. I thought this couldn't be. This isn't anyone's fault. I believe that a friend heard about the news and it got twisted along the way because people were in disbelief. I know that all of Bo's friends were in shock when they heard the news. No one she blame someone for giving incorrect information. It just happens in situations like this. Bo if you read this later on, you made me reflect on my life. I was devastated to have another fellow Gabrielino student pass away.. now that i know you are still hanging on there, I'm praying every second so you can wake up..

    -your friend

    Melissa “Meli” Garcia

    1. no one should be* blamed

      1. Bulls***, this 73 year old should not have been driving. People are too old and killing teens and younger people all the time. They are to be blamed. Now Bo is gone. That 73 year old has lived thier damn life.

    2. Adrianna Ramirez

      I read your comment, and i think playing the blame game isnt neccessary, but giving false information ESPECIALLY at a time like this is unacceptable and blantly misleading. But in all, im glad she is alright and ,I like everyone, is keeping our prayers with her till she is out of her coma. 

  5. omg! god! thank you! bo keep fighting girl we need you as a friend sister and fellow graduating eagle! I'll keep praying for you!!!

  6. Please practice good reporting. You wrote a report that included inaccurate information based on posts on a Facebook page? The only way to get correct facts is to go straight to the friends of Bo, the San Gabriel/Alhambra Police Department, OR the family, and if you couldn't do that, then you shouldn't have posted anything at all. In addition, how difficult is it to search online the name of a high school? Surely San Gabriel is not that far away of a city for people not to realize that “San Gabrielino High School” is not an existing high school. 

    1. @Hello, thank you for your comment. As I responded to @Adrianna, this was a mistake and I regret it. We did hear directly from friends, as well as the scores of posts on a Facebook page dedicated to her, but we should have better substantiated the claims.

  7. Adrianna Ramirez

    I think that being the local paper and reporting such tradgic incidents should know better than to listen to Facebook posts and those who claimed they knew she was deceased. Being a public article the reporter should have done better research because i'm sure her family would not be pleased by this.

    1. Adrianna, thank you for your comment. You're correct. This was a mistake and I regret it. We did hear directly from friends as well as the scores of posts on a Facebook page dedicated to her, but we should have better substantiated the claims. 

  8. Kimiko Nishitsuji

    She isn't gone yet….. there are people at the hospital

  9. Correction: Feng attended Gabrielino High School, not San Gabrielino. Thank you!

  10. So sad to hear of a young life being cut short.  My condolences and prayers to her family and friends.  If there is any need for help for her family, please share so your neighbors can help.

  11. I hope she gets better. Did the person who hit her go into custody?

    1. She just recently passed away on Saturday and they haven't caught anyone yet.

      May she rest in peace.

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